Jennifer Reeves

filmmaker, educator

Brooklyn, US

painting brains sight eyes disease color abstraction soil

Jennifer Reeves has made 20+ film-works since 1990, ranging from avant-garde shorts to expanded cinema performances and experimental narrative features.

Reeves’ work has shown extensively from the Berlin, Toronto, and Hong Kong Film Festivals to the Museum of Modern Art, universities and microcinemas worldwide. Reeves’ acclaimed visceral and personal works immerse viewers in intricate, unfamiliar cinematic territory.  She has created much of her original body of work by working directly onto the surface of celluloid, and optical-printing the destruction-creation.  She has employed chemicals, burial, minerals, food and old art supplies, hand-processing and solarization, to transform original and repurposed 16mm film.  Her films probe themes drawn from the natural world, psychology, feminism, sexuality and socio-political history.


Color Neutral


Landfill 16