Irem Couchouron

head of film & live events

Berlin, DE

media expert producers and distributors live performances

rem Couchouron is heading the Film and Exhibition Program at Silbersalz Science & Media Festival, in Halle (Saale) Germany.

This multi-day public festival and industry conference is the newest, international event in Germany bringing scientists, international media industry and the public together around current science, natural history and contemporary social topics through film screenings, live performances, immersive art works and debates.

The industry conference provides the opportunity for scientists and media experts to meet, network, pitch their latest projects in development, exchange ideas and build future collaborations. An expert in factual programming market, funding models and diffusion strategies, Irem Couchouron works closely with commissioning editors, producers and distributors involved in science programming for better public outreach through the festival, and also contributes the international development of the industry conference.