Halima Ouardiri

writer, director, producer

Montreal, CA

political science filmmaking indie production short film

Halima Ouardiri is a Swiss-Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter.

Born in Geneva to a Swiss mother and a Moroccan father, Halima grew up enjoying pursuits as diverse as training horses and being a bodyguard for visiting Saudi princesses. She studied political science and film production in Montreal. Joining EyeSteelFilm, she rapidly gained all sorts of indie filmmaking credits as a producer and head of distribution. She wrote, directed and produced Mokhtar. The film was shot on super-16 in the remote countryside of Morocco near Agadir, starring local villagers, many goats, and an owl. Of all the cast, only the owl was trained as an actor. Since its premiere at TIFF, Mokhtar has traveled to a hundred international film festivals (Dubaï, Rotterdam, Berlin, SXSW), and has won numerous awards for Best Short. Halima is currently writing her first feature film.


Clebs (Mutts)