Colin Stringer

science communicator, filmmaker, medical writer

Toronto, CA

documentary videography biology

Following five years of experience in research and an MSc. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, I moved from examining the world through the lens of a microscope to that of a camera. Through a graduate-level education in Science Communication with Dr. Chantal Barriault and Dr. David Pearson at Laurentian University, experience working in film festival production with Brooklyn-based Imagine Science Films, and five years of experience producing films with clients in science and research, the work I do with my clients bridges the worlds of art and science. Based from Toronto, Canada, I work with clients in science and research to support their science communication goals. Together, we produce visual stories to effectively communicate the impacts of their research to stakeholders, and provide training experiences for next-generation researchers to become stronger science communicators themselves.


The Science of Cinema