Anthony Chesebro

neuroscientist,physician-in-training,biomedical engineer

Port Jefferson, US

Hi! I’m Anthony Chesebro (he/him), a 3rd year student/1st year PhD student in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD program) at Stony Brook University. I’m currently a PhD Student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, working with Dr. Mujica-Parodi in the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics. My work is focused on quantitative and computational approaches to neuroimaging, as well as multi-scale modeling of neurobiological processes. My prior work has focused on quantifying MRI-based biomarkers of cerebrovascular disease and tying them to clinical measures of memory loss and vascular pathologies. Outside of research, I am also interested in the intersection between humanities and medicine, particularly through the lenses of narrative and performativity.


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