Antonella Sabatino


Rome, IT


Antonella Sabatino, class of 1986, started her cinematographic experimentations in 2007. During her university studies she examined in depth the techniques of music videos, fascinated by the work of Michel Gondry. She graduated in 2013, magna cum laude, in Film Studies with an innovative dissertation about the jump-cut. Her filmmaker career started in 2013 with the realization of videos in which music, rythm and images are blended together in harmony. Since then she have worked as a freelance director and editor for documentaries, advertisings and music videos. She is the founder of The Insiders, a video project related to electronic music, and Dinamoscope, a crew of creative professionals who produce audio and video materials of different kinds. In 2014 she started to collaborate with Giffoni Film Festival as a filmaker and with MAST, an association that takes labs in diverse social environments such as schools and prisons. In the same year she collaborated as an editor with the Italian production Ars Millenia for the realization of the indie movie “L’incredibile storia della signora del terzo piano”. In 2015 Antonella moved to India in order to direct the documentary “Chhau nach, on the road to Jharkhand”. As an editor and filmer she also worked for several Italian and international broadcasts such as Italia 1, Sky, Arte, Rai and for important brands like Canon, Calzedonia, Alfa Romeo, Msd, Earth Day Italia, Althea, Surf Expo. She is increasing constantly her professional networks and her passion for research and sperimentation through the connection between images and music.