Ali Hamza

writer, film analyst

Lahore, PK

literature film society

Ali Hamza is a current high-school student utilizing his senior year to explore the various literary aspects of the world. His interest in the world of literature sparked after he became a part of the 5th Oxford University Press Literature Festival held in his country, Pakistan.

After witnessing how literature plays a pivotal role in connecting the art of storytelling to global themes and social issues, he quickly trailed this area of knowledge, and since then has been engaged in several research-based literary activities during his high-school years. His current works fixate around the issues of Human rights and Women Empowerment in Afghanistan, as he explores the land of endless wars through the vision of Khaled Hosseini, an Afghan-American novelist.

As an aspiring writer, Ali hopes that his literary ventures enable him to purge his land of the socio-economic adversities it faces - paving a path towards the creation of a more understanding and accepting society in the near future.