2013 | UK | Experimental


  • English 4 mins
  • Director | Geraldine Cox

This film is currently not available.   

A microscopic observation of physicists’ notes and equations jotted on whatever was on hand, bringing us into poignant intimacy with the scientific creative process and the travel of the human mind.

Using physicists’ notes made on whatever they happened to have at hand – napkins, scraps of paper, newspaper – these fragments were photographed with a range of cameras and a microscope to reveal another world and new poignancy. They portray a myriad of ideas: thoughts on building and using quantum computers; musings about the foundations of quantum mechanics; discussions of toy physical theories; an idea for a new type of microscope; ideas regarding the initial amount and type of energy in the early universe; and a proposal for small reversals of the arrow of time.


microscope lab physicist notes creative