2020 | USA | Documentary,Short

Will There Be Dancing

  • English 37 mins
  • Director | Zena Wood
  • Writer | Zena Wood
  • Producer | Zena Wood, Candle Light and Grip

This film is currently not available.   

Filmmaker, Zena Wood, wants to know how humans will live on Mars. During Covid-19, she sets out on a solo mission to find some answers. She speaks to some of the top minds in the field, including correspondents from NASA, authors, a TED speaker and a professor at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. As humans, we have only spent 1% of our history living in one place. To her excitement, all speakers believe that we will become an interplanetary species, and soon. This documentary takes the audience on a journey of how exactly we'll get there and what it will really be like to live on Mars. 

Mars Exploration Migration Humans
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