2019 | Austria | Experimental

Who´s Afraid Of RGB

  • 19 mins
  • Director | Billy Rois

This film is currently not available.   

Who´s Afraid Of RGB continues a direction clearly evident in THE and TOUTES DIRECTIONS (2014 and 2017, both created together with Dieter Kovacic), digital works through which Billy Roisz specifically engages cinema and its formulas. Paralleling her previous treatment of the horror film and the road movie, Who´s Afraid Of RGB subjects the genres of romantic movies, dramas, and melodramas to Roiszian compression. Who´s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? stands in for these genre types, conveying an expressive, raw and impulsively out of control emotionality. The most complex emotional sequence in Who´s Afraid Of RGB is seen in the reflections...

romantic movies drama melodrama cinema digital work