2014 | France | Experimental

Untitled (Human Mask)

  • 19 mins
  • Director | Pierre Huyghe

This film is currently not available.   

This film was inspired by a real situation. It opens with a pan of a deserted streetscape near Fukushima, Japan, which was devastated by natural and man-made disasters in 2011. Amid the ruin, the camera enters an abandoned restaurant and finds what appears to be the only survivor: a monkey adorned with a mask and costume of a young girl. This attire is similar to that in which her owners dress her to work in their sake house. Automaton-like and alone in this dystopian setting, she continues to carry out her duties—tasks she learned by watching and mimicking the restaurant’s staff. Seemingly trapped in her repetitive role, she now works for herself alone.

fukushima japan disaster 2011 survivor young girl