2008 | Austria | Experimental

Une catastrophe

  • 1 mins
  • Director | Jean-Luc Godard

This film is currently not available.   

The festival trailer Une catastrophe was realized by director Jean-Luc Godard and will be screened from September 18 in 100 selected Austrian cinemas as well as during the course of the Viennale program from October 17 to 29.

Entitled Une catastrophe, the film is a kind of cinematographic poem about violence and love, conceived in Godard's characteristic montage and combination of cinematic material, sounds, language and music. It includes short excerpts from Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin (1925) and the collective film People on Sunday (1930), accompanied by a Low German 18th-century poem from Western Pomerania with the lines: Kumm du um Middernach / Kumm du Klock een / Vader slöpt / Moder slöpt / ik slap alleen. Klopp an de Kammerdör / fat an de Klink. / Vader meent / Moder meent / dat deit de Wind