2020 | United Kingdom | Fiction,Experimental,Short

To Miss the Ending

  • English 28 mins
  • Director | David Callanan, Anna West
  • Writer | Anna West
  • Producer | Dan Tucker

This film is currently not available.   

A fun digital environment consisting of brightly coloured blocks proves to be a thin veneer atop a dystopian future. This impressively designed VR experience outlines a vision of the future that speaks volumes about the present. There are no more rivers to sail paper boats down, no more trees to lie under, no more atmosphere to breathe and so humanity has sought refuge in the digital.

Everyone’s consciousness has been uploaded to a server with their memories playing out in the block world. However, the upload goes wrong so you not only experience your own world, but also that of five others. They reminisce and the places arise before your eyes: the office tower where someone was fired, the river another lived next to, the park that held the last scraps of nature, or was it a highway? The digital reproductions prove unreliable in this dangerously amiable warning.

VR virtual reality dystopia technology digital consciousness memory