2017 | UK | Documentary,Fiction,Experimental

Thought Broadcasting

  • English 19 mins
  • Director | Nick Jordan
  • Writer | Nick Jordan

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Thought Broadcasting is a film about psychosis and surveillance. A hybrid documentary, the film draws upon real-life accounts of a schizophrenic disorder: the belief that one's thoughts are being transmitted and heard by others. Set against the proliferation of mobile phone masts in the urban and rural landscape, the film reveals a fragmented inner world of paranoid delusions and acute anxiety, off-set with revelations of mass surveillance by government security agencies. Filming locations include a psychiatric video recording studio, an abandoned broadcast television station, and a military base used for mass communications monitoring and interception.

Part clinical observation, part psychological horror, the film is driven by a tense and dark electronic score by Lord Mongo, and interweaves the flickering detritus of analogue tape, monitors and studio cameras with layers of sampled archive voices; forming a picture of a psychotic state of mind, entangled in an interconnected world.

Psychiatry Architecture Electromagnetic Radiation Radiation Surveillance Paranoia Schizophrenia Disease