2019 | Vietnam, Singapore, China, France, Germany | Documentary,Experimental,Feature

The Tree House

  • Ruc, Jrai, Vietnamese, Kor English 84 mins
  • Director | Trương Minh Quý
  • Writer | Trương Minh Quý
  • Producer | Xiao Dong Guo

This film is currently not available.   

"In Minh Quý Trương’s striking second feature, a man living on Mars in the year 2045 examines footage brought back from his encounters with an indigenous community in the jungles of Vietnam. As he experiments, his thoughts drift from matters of identity, aesthetics, and the politics of imagemaking, to ritual burial practices, to the seen and unseen forces that shape cultures. Combining elements of science fiction and ethnography, The Tree House is a powerful exploration of how time and environment relate to our understanding of home.", 57th New York Film Festival. (filmlinc.org/nyff2019/films/the-tree-house/)

Memory House Homeless Jungle Environment