2017 | UK | Fiction,Short

The Super Recogniser

  • English no 11 mins
  • Director | Jennifer Sheridan
  • Writer | Jennifer Sheridan
  • Producer | Ben Link, Heather Link

This film is currently not available.   

'The Super Recogniser' tells the story of Scott (Jacob Anderson), a seemingly normal young man with a very special talent. Thanks to his
exceptional skills of 90% facial recognition, Scott has been recruited to work in a secret government initiative. Under the
watchful eye of his tough-talking supervisor Agent Williams (Ritu Arya), this Super Recogniser is over-worked and under pressure as
he spends hours seeking terrorists and criminals captured on CCTV cameras. However, Scott starts to question everything after
he believes he sees 'himself' on the monitors.

dystopia surveillance sci-fi neuroscience Super Recognizers