2018 | Netherlands | Documentary,Experimental,Short

The Nightshift

  • English 7 mins
  • Director | Giovanni Giaretta
  • Writer | Giovanni Giaretta
  • Producer | Studio Giovanni Giaretta

This film is currently not available.   

A hypnotic voice-over narrates a text based on personal experience as a night porter. Here, the nightshift becomes a metaphor that tells about the mechanics of perception, describing a particular state of mind  caused by working at night in relation to an self-generated filmic illusion in which one pretend  that it is daytime. This work  consists of a collection of images and resemblances that trick the eye, like the shadows of objects on a wall, CCTV footage or misleading deceptive reflections in windows. The video tackles the relationship between perception and projection, and hints at the suspension of disbelief and at the constant shifting between what is fantasized and what is experienced.

night circadian dream sleep sun
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