2022 | France, Miccronesia | Documentary,Experimental,Short

The Empty Sphere (Le Cercle vide)

  • FR, EN English, French 19 mins
  • Director | St├ęphanie Roland
  • Writer | St├ęphanie Roland
  • Producer | Fresnoy - Studio National

This film is currently not available.   

Nothing really survives here. The bottom is so deep that no light ever reaches it. Very few boats go through. It is unknown when the falls will take place. This experimental documentary portrays a space object and its fall into the darkness of a space cemetery. A woman scientist reveals her attachment to this object and the absence of images documenting this mysterious place. As a reverse sci-fi journey, this essay mixes real and fictional archives to guide us, like a stalker, to the outskirts of an invisible place.

Ghost Geography Post-Truth Travel Media Myth Ocean Landscape Death