1998 | United States | Experimental

The best outside is the inside

  • 12 mins
  • Director | Diana Thater

This film is currently not available.   

The best outside is the inside is representative of Diana Theater's work. Two video monitors display the same subject - a forest at night - in different ways: one by a fixed shot, the other by a set of reverse shots, some showing the film crew making the first shot. Here Diana Thater questions the supposed neutrality of the viewer, who becomes the object of another's attention. The presence of two screens asserts the need to approach the same object from several points of view. And what if this time, it was the forest that was watching us? In its own way, the film deconstructs our relationship with the landscape. The latter is no longer the subject of our aesthetic desire, but an environment where a series of relationships unfolds, a chain in which we are only one link.

Two video monitors, two Brightsigns media players

forest landscape chain aesthetic environment