2016 | Iran | Documentary,Feature


  • Persian 56 mins
  • Director | Fathollah Amiri
  • Writer | Fathollah Amiri

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Asiatic Cheetah is a different sub-species from African Cheetah and since it is extinct in all the regions of the world except Iran, it is called Iranian Cheetah. Today less than 100 of this meritorious species are left and it is considered a critically endangered life form.

In 1388 (2009) a study kicked-off with the collaboration of Conservation of the Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP), Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) and Plan for Land Society, in Kavir National Park -Greatest National Park of Iran – with the goal of estimating the number of Asiatic Cheetahs left. After intense efforts and stationing numerous trail cameras, only one male Cheetah was registered.

For me, as a wildlife documentarian, this was not a good news at all. So I decided to do my best with all I got to find and register more of this Cheetah in the greatest national park of Iran.

In this quest, that took 6 years and covered an area as vast as Switzerland, but the result was surprising…

Producer & Director: Fathollah Amiri

Researchers: Mohammad Sadegh Farhadinia – Fathollah Amiri

Photographer: Nima Asgari

Editor: Majid Mohammad Doust

Music Composer: Babak Mirzakhani

Art Director: Majid Mohammad Doost

Sound Designer: Farzad Jafarian

Graphic Designer: Sadegh Rezania

Executive Producer: Wildlife Pictures Institute

Produced in Channel of Semnan IRIB Office

for more information visit Wildlife Pictures Institute film page

Cheetah Extinction Trail Endangered Animals
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