1998 | austria | Fiction,Short

Sonnenflecken (Sunspots)

  • german english 25 mins
  • Director | Barbara Albert
  • Writer | Barbara Albert
  • Producer | Barbara Albert, University of Applied Arts

STATUS: Released


This film is currently not available.   

A young woman and a little girl are playing football. When the ball flies into the air the black and white sequence transmutes into the red of the evening sky. High up in the air a bird is flying. The bird belongs to a dream. The beginning is programmatic. The various events flow seamlessly into one another and tell of the imponderability of growing up - dreams and expectations, work, frustration and the music which allows one to dance above it all. Rhythm of the heart... Two young women live with little Angie somewhere on the edge of the city. What do they expect from life? The film is a filigreed weave of the commonplace gesture and small acts of flight. Ildiko dreams of hot-blooded pirates. She wants to leave. Uschi stares up at the sky. She will stay. "In 200 years people will be living on Mars, or perhaps they won´t." Everything is possible. Lost in space... Maybe there is even a paradise for Angie´s dead guinea pig. Expectations remain in the balance, but why shouldn´t it possible to have a stroke of luck...just for you... (Birgit Flos)

fiction dreams urban periphery