2009 | Canada | Experimental,Short

Shutter (2009)

  • no dialogue 8 mins
  • Director | Alexi Manis
  • Writer | n/a
  • Producer | n/a

STATUS: In Distribution


This film is currently not available.   

“Shutter” tracks the rising sun, the lengthening shadows and the darkening day of a total solar eclipse. “Shutter” is a formal exploration of the phenomenon of the sun eclipsing objects in the natural world. Inspired by footage of friend and amateur astronomer Andreas Gada's 16mm recording of the 1980 total solar eclipse, this work captures the beauty, complexity and terror of the shifting light that precedes and accompanies a solar eclipse. Shadow, focal variance and illumination of earth-bound nature conspire along the course to the incomparable moment of totality.

Light Eclipse Sun