2014 | austria | Animation,Experimental,Short

Shut Up Moon

  • german, english english 4 mins
  • Director | Gudrun Krebitz
  • Writer | Gudrun Krebitz
  • Producer | Gudrun Krebitz

This film is currently not available.   

She: Sometimes you can´t sleep; then the moon is like a pipe whose echo lets it talk to itself. The pencil is soft and takes the loneliness in a new city to heart. "Shut up Moon." But it whizzes back and forth outside behind the window. She´s friends with the Epson printer, which also knows that she thinks it is a bit strange. Hugging him, depending on him, and hanging out with him, cosy. The screech of the long lost dot matrix printer can still be heard in its printing sound. And a little owl calls, that´s the sound that sends a shudder down your spine. The invisible friends and the snatches of a conversation, the inside of the outside of the inside-being protected, and being exposed; that´s what this film by the animation film artist Gudrun Krebitz mumbles about. A bit of spit and a fine, free stumble. The figure, almost naked, in underwear, gets applause and then bows, shy at the undulant attention, and wraps her arms around her head. "The technique is entirely minimal and simple," says Krebitz. And the sound by Marian Mentrup fits like a glove. The vampire teeth make a "clack." And the figure sleeps under the table like a whale. Then she drifts through air and water in a long, free fall. (Madeleine Bernstorff)

animation night mare loneliness echo technique