2020 | US | Experimental,Short

Reflections from quarantine

  • english 2 mins
  • Director | Renata Padovan
  • Writer | Renata Padovan
  • Producer | Renata Padovan

This film is currently not available.   

Gus (1985 – 2013) was a polar bear who lived all his life in the Central Park Zoo in New York, attracting a public of more than 20 million people. In a state of severe depression, he spent the last years compulsively swimming back and forth in the small tank where he lived. In 2009 I was there and recorded a video of the heart breaking activity of the captive animal. During the quarantine period (2020), isolated on my own in the house, the image of that huge solitary bear came to my mind. His condition as well as of millions of other animals around the world, subjugated by men, isolated from the group and removed from their habitat, with lockdown becomes the same condition of millions of people, who, because of social withdrawal have to deal with loneliness, tediousness and sometimes with their oppressors.

animal right ecology quarantine mental disorders zoonosis