2019 | United States | Documentary,Experimental,Music Video,Lab Footage

Rearing Anartia Butterflies

  • 9 mins
  • Director | Smithsonian Institution Archives, Arnaud Martin, Kristina Dutton, Lisa Schonberg

This film is currently not available.   

Rearing Anartia is an 8mm film documenting the work of lepidopterists Bob Silberglied and Annette Aiello at the Barro Colorado Island field station in Panama in 1976. Silberglied's untimely death in a plane crash at age 35 left behind an undiscovered body of work, including two research movies. Forty years later, we digitized these two films held in the Smithsonian Institution's archives and added a musical score. "Rearing Anartia" is an early testimony of how two creative scientists intended to communicate their passion for the study of nature to broad audiences.

"Rearing Anartia Butterflies," by Silberglied and Annette Aiello, 1976. 8 mm film
Music by Kristina Dutton & Lisa Schonberg
Original footage held at the Smithsonian Institution Archives
Digitization sponsored by Dr. Arnaud Martin (The George Washington University, Washington DC), and the National Science Foundation

Anartia lepidopterist butterflies