2018 | Canada | Documentary,Short


  • Spanish, English 8 mins
  • Director | Émilie Martel
  • Writer | n/a
  • Producer | Émilie Martel, Richa Sanwal

This film is currently not available.   

For the downstream communities of the high mountains of Quimsacocha, water is sacred. So when the giant Canadian company set their eyes to mine their land for gold and copper, 30-year-old Bolivar and 73-year-old Isaura were not happy.  

Isaura and Bolivar rely on water for their livelihood. Isaura owns four cows and Bolivar is in charge of the community’s water system. For them, water is life, and mining will jeopardize the future of their communities. 

Quimsacocha takes an honest look at these indigenous communities, their cultural traditions, and their lives in this picturesque landscape of the Western Andes Mountains in southern Ecuador.

activism protest agriculture capitalism economics community culture earth environment ethnography indigenous resistance