2019 | United States of America | Animation,Experimental,Short

Quantum LOGOS (vision serpent)

  • 0 mins
  • Director | Mark Chavez
  • Writer | Mark Chavez
  • Producer | Mark Chavez, Ina Conradi-Chavez, Bianka Hofmann, Bob Kastner

This film is currently not available.   

Quantum LOGOS (vision serpent) uses Mesoamerican culture as inspiration for design ideas used to explore quantum mechanics basics. This project uses abstract animated imagery to metaphorically represent the quantum world. I use this approach because of the parallels that are evident in the art and philosophy of Mesoamerica to the quantum mechanics vision of the nature of reality. While I focus on Young’s Double Slit Experiment,1 how light behaves when passed through double slits, as part of this project research, I found additional inspiration in the Observer Effect.2These two phenomena are core issues relevant to this artwork that I use to explain quantum mechanics. I wanted to present new ideas through the ancient artistic interpretation of natural wonders to attest to their intuitive assumptions’ timeless beauty and similarity to current notions. By using designs that are rooted in ideas embraced by Mesoamerican thought, I’ve created a series of visual metaphors that explore, discover, and communicate the counterintuitive and contradictory beauty of nature.

mesoamerican vision serpent design archetype
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Mark Chavez