2020 | France / Belgique / Micronesia | Documentary,Fiction,Experimental,Short

Podesta Island

  • English, French, Spanish English, French 23 mins
  • Director | St├ęphanie Roland
  • Writer | St├ęphanie Roland
  • Producer | Fresnoy - Studio National

This film is currently not available.   

Podesta Island exists according to Google Earth.

Podesta Island does not exist according to Wikipedia.

Does it really exist? In a hyperconnected and mapped world, are there still unknown areas?

The film Podesta Island paints the portrait of a controversial phantom island by confronting documentary sources with the narratives and legends inspired by this island. This exploration, where satellite imagery and live action intertwine, brings us closer to Terra Incognita and celebrates the beauty of imaginary geography.

Island Ghost Geography Post-Truth Travel Media Myth Ocean Landscape Death