2018 | Canada | Experimental,Music Video,Short

Plant Dreaming Deep

  • English no 7 mins
  • Director | Charlotte Clermont
  • Writer | Charlotte cLermont
  • Producer | Charlotte Clermont

This film is currently not available.   

In poetic images, Plant Dreaming Deep exposes the exhausting transitional phases of loneliness, insecurity and isolation. By means of analogue video synthesis, fine-pored textures and washed out veils of colour were created, which find a suitable complement in the pulsating soundscape of Emilie Payeur. Like misunderstood or unprocessed experiences, the traces of old video recordings flash through this retro-futuristic collage and the main protagonist, the flora structured by human hands, appears simultaneously connected with freedom and suffocation.

video synthesis glitch dream synesthesia light plant noise perception