2017 | France | Experimental

Peaks experience

  • 32 mins
  • Director | Giulia Grossmann

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Peaks Experience follows a spiritual quest in the middle of two sacred mountains.  A parallel can be drawn between the spiritual quest of Bugarach’s inhabitants inspired by neo-shamanic rituals and the everyday life of Huichol people facing mystical tourism. From this parallel, a reflection on the end of two worlds emerges; the one very publicized in Bugarach on December 21st 2012 and the under-publicized the fight of the Huichols people against the opening of Canadian mines that would destroy their sacred place of pilgrimage. A journey that portrays a contemporary phenomenon, the hybridisation of spiritual and rites on an apocalyptic background. The movie is the testimony of the meeting between a group of people with a feeling of exile and a tribe that desires above all, to keep and maintain their roots and write their culture on a durable path. We can witness thanks to this meeting, cultural divergence and a cry for modesty. Each character of this confrontation, are not viewed.

With the participation of the community Wixarika San Andrès of Cohamiata of la Laguna Seca.

Inspired by the mystical tourism study by anthropologist Vincent Basset, Assistant Director on the film
Director of Photography: Julien Mata
Music: Date Palms, Cosmic Neman & Juan José Ramirez
With the Support of l'atelier 105, Light Cône


parallel time space mountains