2015 | France, Germany | Documentary,Experimental

Panoramis Paramount Paranormal

  • 24 mins
  • Director | Emilien Awada, Constanze Ruhm

This film is currently not available.   

This filmic essay focuses on a former movie studio of which no trace is left. On the site where the studio was built, in Saint-Maurice, on the outskirts of Paris, we now find a modern residence, Le Panoramis, built in the 1970s. The images and sounds of films shot at the studio resurface, while two actors (and five birds) in search of a role audition for a film that will never be made. Forgotten characters and narratives suddenly haunt reality, affecting the time of a story that cannot be expressed, is impossible to recount. And what of the future? The future belongs to ghosts.

ghost history architecture bird
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