2022 | UK | Fiction,Experimental,Music Video,Short

Nocturnal Sun

  • English N/A 11 mins
  • Director | Tim Grabham
  • Writer | Chisara Agor
  • Producer | MSCTY_TX, cinema iloobia

This film is currently not available.   

Inspired by humanities relationship with the sun throughout history, Nocturnal Sun explores a future, a not so distant past and the spaces in between where myth, magic and chaos reside and with it the possibility of deeper forms of human connection.

Nocturnal Sun is an inter-disciplinary project created by artist Chisara Agor, a world in itself since its inception nocturnal sun has become Agors’ vehicle to explore alternate possibilities, examine our connections to our shared human histories, reconnect to cultures, cosmologies and envision futures. While music forms the core of the project, blending the classical, folk, electronic, jazz and avant garde and West African traditions with poetry and storytelling. Agor’s visual art, costume and movement combine to establish a language of its own. 2022 saw the creation of a short film collaboration with director Tim Grabham to bring to the screen the Nocturnal Sun journey through the four movements of the piece: Dust, Penumbra, Requiem for Anyanwu and Nocturnal Sun.

ecology sun myth art spirituality cosmology