2012 | France | Experimental

Native American

  • French English 26 mins
  • Director | Giulia Grossmann

This film is currently not available.   

In the Landes forest of Gironde, in south-west France, a group of cowboys with thick Gascon accents go about a recreated Far-West landscape. A genuine Native American is there too, spinning around coloured hoops in some strange ritual dance. Others, looking almost as authentic, are bivouacking in the woods. From saloon to a prairie, colts are quivering and eyes are darting. Somewhere in between utopia and entertainment, historical tale and pure fiction, these men and women are involved in ambiguous role-play: to what extent is it fake, and when does it start to be real?

Original version: French and English. Subtitles: French. Photography: Julien Mata. Sound: Giulia Grossmann. Editing: Giulia Grossmann. Production and distribution: French Kiss Production.

photography research history cowboys Native American