2019 | Austria | Animation,Short

Muybridge's Disobedient Horses

  • 5 mins
  • Director | Anna Vasof
  • Writer | Anna Vasof
  • Producer | Anna Vasof

This film is currently not available.   

Muybridge´s Disobedient Horses is a series of four episodes in which the artist Anna Vasof investigates where she can find the essence of cinematic illusion when she looks into everyday life and what happens when she uses everyday objects and movements as cinematographic mechanisms. Even if the principle behind the illusion has been around for many years and is taken for granted, each of Vasof´s episodes produces its own unique cinematic illusion. Each episode shows together with the animated story of how the illusion has been made. Unlike a magician, the secret behind the "magic trick" in her experiments is revealed, thereby making the cinematic illusions even more magical. 
In the first episode with the title "Self-Portrait", she demonstrates an object made out of simple everyday objects such as a metal bucket, an ordinary lamp, magnifiers, rope and paper coffee cups. When she pulls the rope the lamp starts pending and the object transforms into an audiovisual instrument, which projects a frustrated figure who looks like the artist and starts hitting her head on the wall of the projection. A similar story takes place in the third episode with the title "The book of falling words 2," Vasof demonstrates a flip-book which shows the footage of a real book in which the words of different meaningful chapters are falling down. 
When everyday life is used as a cinematographic mechanism the making off takes the new role. When the making off comes either into a direct dialogue or into conflict with the narrative of the illusion new meaning is created. Muybridge´s Disobedient Horses is a film which suggests a new method to tell stories with social and personal conflicts. (production notes))

animation invention perception film illusion