2022 | Germany | Experimental,Short

Muttitelefon / Mom's Telephone

  • english and german 5 mins
  • Director | Dagie Brundert
  • Writer | Dagie Brundert
  • Producer | Dagie Brundert

This film is currently not available.   

There are mushrooms below me, there' are microbes below me, it's vibrating, it's crazy! Look, light or mushroom thunderstorm?

And I have the same inside me: legions of benevolent, working microbes, spores, vitamins, bacteria, and critters that fuel my daily desliming, that keep me going. Without them there would only be a hollow ego.

Here. Small companies in me, and my ego is entwined around it. Nothing but the mushrooms here underground. The tendrils for communication.

Trees Mushrooms Communication Light Thunderstorm