2018 | Japan | Documentary,Experimental

Mirror of the Virgin Forest

  • 13 mins
  • Director | Hirofumi Nakamoto

This film is currently not available.   

I shot a film through one year in the virgin forest Aokigahara Jukai on the bottom of Mount Fuji. Walking in the ocean of trees all alone, I sometimes got the feeling of being watched. At those moments, I put my camera into the direction of the "watcher." It's like I wasn't shooting the ocean of trees but the ocean of trees was shooting me. In the middle of the forest, I didn't need to be "myself." As the shooting went, it became vague, where and in which era exactly I was. I felt my own contours disappearing. This film is addressed probably not to someone alive today but will gain its significance in a world far in the future. In the one where no one can live on the earth any more after a great disaster or environmental destruction, the human will watch this to know what the earth really was.

forest nature camera observation