2016 | Austria | Fiction,Experimental,Short

Maybe Palermo or what E100304 is all about

  • English German 16 mins
  • Director | Luzi Katamay
  • Writer | Luzi Katamay, Christian Dietl
  • Producer | Luzi Katamay, Christian Dietl, Andre Zogholy, Michael Wirthig

This film is currently not available.   

A taxi ride to the Patent Office becomes an expedition into the realm of scientific research. While driving in the cab, a nervous scientist explains his invention – a novel cancer agent, whose specialty lies in the way of transportation of the active ingredient –  to his annoyed taxi driver. Quickly it becomes clear that the scientist and the taxi driver don’t share a common language. What is scientifically precise and self-evident to the scientist is a Spanish village for the taxi driver – respectively a network of narrow streets and meandering roads in Sicilian Palermo. The cab of the story becomes the taxi in the story. While the story progresses, this transition is visualized by the changing backgrounds. The taxi leaves behind the real streets of an urban surrounding and drives through the story on molecular paths.

medicine cancer invention patent