2016 | Finland, Netherlands | Experimental

Liquid Solid

  • 7 mins
  • Director | Nicky Assmann, Joris Strijbos
  • Producer | Nicky Assmann, Joris Strijbos

This film is currently not available.   

Liquid Solid

Liquid Solid is a collaborative film between Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos in which they explore the cinematic qualities of a freezing soap film. Liquid Solid came forth after attending a residency at the Biological Research Center in the sub-Arctic region of Finland. During this residency they shot footage of the freezing process of soap films and made recordings with self build VLF antennas to pick up the electro magnetic signals from the Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights. The film Liquid Solid focusses on the conditions where the temperatures are around -20 degrees Celsius and all colour has disappeared from the soap film, it shows a precise montage of the accelerated freezing process of the soap films during which ice crystals grow into complex fractal-like patterns.

For the film Strijbos and Assmann composed a soundtrack with a mixture of soundscapes and recordings of self-made instruments which they developed in earlier collaborations.


phase water ice freeze crystal winter soap film