2014 | Canada/Ukraine | Documentary,Experimental


  • English English/Ukrainian Intertitles 44 mins
  • Director | Daniel McIntyre
  • Writer | Daniel McIntyre
  • Producer | Daniel McIntyre

This film is currently not available.   

A project spanning three years of production and research, Lion explores the Chernobyl disaster and the nature of radiation, recollection, and personal history.

Lion navigates atomic fallout and a girl’s adolescence, a dream before death, radiation as a cause and a cure for cancer, masculine bravado, feminine obsession, a trip to Chernobyl amidst the death of a matriarch, and the destruction of memory.

This conceptually arranged film album is composed of seven works on 16mm and hand processed with darkroom techniques that mimic the effects of radiation on film. The series combines memory, history, pop culture and technical experiments to create visual representations of invisible forces.

radiation environment memory history landscape peace race trauma war