2018 | Laos, France | Experimental

Le seuil de la forêt (The Forest's Threshold)

  • 10 mins
  • Director | Giulia Grossmann
  • Writer | Giulia Grossman, Estelle Benazet

This film is currently not available.   

in development

Le seuil de la forêt (Forest's Threshold) written with Estelle Benazet, brings us into the Dao's inaugural pilgramage. From the jungle of the Golden Triangle in the north of Laos to the forest of Brittany in Brocéliande, this journey brings us through forest and travels through stories, lived or fantasized of Dao' personal family. The daughter of refugees from Laos, exorcist's goddaughter, Dao ventues through the woods without border

pilgramage Golden Triangle forest travel