2018 | France | Experimental

La couleur de l'intervalle (the color in between)

  • French English 60 mins
  • Director | Giulia Grossmann

This film is currently not available.   


in development

Guilia Grossman in in the process of selecting photos from the archive of the largest particle physics center in the world: CERN. She is currently seeking support for this project. Labocine supports this project. For more information on how to get involved, please contact us.

From 1954 to our days, scientific research has known many advances. In parallel, technological performances are implemented to archive and store these breathroughts.

From the silver plates to the invisible data, the images of CERN are many and today, some of them lost their captions. From history to History, the archival images from CERN pose as their experimental records and make it possible to travel into fictional realms of this surreal research environment - undeground where we study space, time and matter.

archive photography particle physics performance technology