2023 | Canada | Fiction

Jules au pays d'Asha (Adventures in the Land of Asha)

  • French-Canadian, Ojibwa - 89 mins
  • Director | Sophie Farkas-Bolla
  • Writer | Sophie Farkas Bolla, Sarah Lalonde
  • Producer | Kim O'Bomsawin, Hany Ouichou

STATUS: Released

This film is currently not available.   

On a cold winter day in 1940, Jules moves in with his family at the home of his uncle, mayor of a settler village in northern Quebec. Due to a rare skin disease, he has no friends. So his biggest wish is to get well. When his dog Flagrant flees into the forest, Jules has no choice but to get away from his house to find him. Along the way, he meets Asha, a mysterious indigenous girl. Together, they will venture to the other side of the forest, where nature is full of life and secrets.

Childhood Journey Indigenous Nature Woman Director