2014 | Japan | Experimental,Short

It Has Already Been Ended Before You Can See the End

  • English No 11 mins
  • Director | Shigeo Arikawa

This film is currently not available.   

A film about “the end” . The end has already started, and ended. We call it “the end” in order to perceive it and make it “visible” , but it had already passed when we called it “the end” , or “the end” is always penetrating the present, so we can not recognize time of the end. The end has already started, and ended. The disaster of an earthquake and nuclear crisis in 2011 Japan affected a lot to making art works. This work is a first film of the series called “PIXCANNING” . The word “PIXCANNING” is coined from “pix(picture / pixel)” and “scanning” . It’ s a method to scoop up(scanning) elements that pass through the meshes of perception(pixel) when images(picture) appear or images are constructed.

earthquake nuclear photography scanning