2018 | Hungary | Fiction


  • Hungarian english 24 mins
  • Director | Nikol Cibulya
  • Writer | Máté Fazekas
  • Producer | Ádám Felszeghy

This film is currently not available.   

Irinyi is a steampunk short film about the secret invention of the famous scientist.

In 1858, ten years after the downfall of the Hungarian freedom fights, Irinyi János (the inventor of the non-explosive match) is still working on restarting the revolution. The success of the new fights would be guaranteed by his new invention: a fighting robot.

The scary noises frighten the villagers, who think the scientist made a pact with the devil, so they think he must be crazy. Irinyi's lonely days of working is interrupted by the young journalist from the city, who turns out to be the first person to really understand the importance of Irinyi's work.

sci-fi invention outsider history robot war