2018 | France, Germany | Experimental,Short

I'm Not Sure

  • English 8 mins
  • Director | Gabriel Hensche
  • Writer | Gabriel Hensche
  • Producer | Gabriel Hensche

This film is currently not available.   

Why does he say “swimwear” when he sees René Magritte’s painting of a naked woman? Is he too shy to say “breast”, “butt” or “vagina”? Perhaps he has mainly been exposed to product pictures and was never introduced to art?

The film “I'm Not Sure” shows how an App, designed to be a vision-aid for the visually impaired, interprets art. By confronting the Neural Image Caption Generator with Surrealist paintings, “I’m Not Sure” explores the psychology of an Artificial Intelligence.

Art Artificial Intelligence Machine Vision Algorithm Surrealism René Magritte Image Recognition AI