2010 | Russia | Animation,Music Video

I Do Not Know Who I Am

  • 1 mins
  • Director | Constantine Konovalov

This film is currently not available.   

The Story of Mr. Plasticine

Constantine Konovalov & Irina Neustroeva: (CA Teeter-totter-tam Animation)

We are a team of animators from Russia. We love to experiment in the field of animation and video art. We create commercials, cartoons, movies, mainly using the technique of stop-motion and an interval shooting (timelapse). And we love to shoot time lapse of our city Moscow. We are interested in the development direction of stop-motion in Russia. We frequently conducts master classes of stop-motion animation for children and adults.

Our stop-motion movies and video art, including “Moscow city of animation”, “Teeter-Totter-Tam”, “Idea Creation”, “Inflation of animation”, “DRINKme-EATme-READme”, have been screened and awarded at festivals worldwide.

Plasticine video art Story