2014 | Canada | Documentary,Short

Home Cooked Music

  • English 10 mins
  • Director | Mike Maryniuk
  • Writer | Mike Maryniuk
  • Producer | Brendon Sawatzky

This film is currently not available.   

Is there anything more Canadian than a moose-antler electric guitar? After a near-death experience, retired machinist Lorne Collie started making whimsical stringed instruments. His DIY inventiveness transformed lawn rakes, stop signs, and bent pitchforks into fully playable banjos, fiddles and violins. Filmmaker Mike Maryniuk’s own eclectic creativity finds a fellow tinkerer in Collie, and the result is a folksy, one-of-a-kind portrait. Maryniuk stitches together weathered doc footage and hand-crafted animation, his playful imagery dancing to the joyful sounds of Collie’s creations. This is not factory-made filmmaking, and Collie isn’t a store-bought kind of guy. The fact that he doesn’t sell his work only gives it greater authenticity. He tells us he’s having more fun than he’s had in a long time and feeling more than alive. So will viewers of Maryniuk’s inspired film.

music sound outsider invention