1978 | United States | Experimental,Short

Grain Graphics

  • English 6 mins
  • Director | Dana Plays
  • Writer | Dana Plays
  • Producer | Dana Plays

This film is currently not available.   

Dana Plays' classic experimental film Grain Graphics with beat poet Michael McClure his poetry on the sound track. This is the new re-released film was remastered from 16mm to 2K. Grain Graphics won First Prize at the Poetry Film Festival, run by Poet Herman Berlandt in San Francisco.) It was aired on KQED, won First Prize San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival; Cash Award, Sinking Creek Film Celebration; was also shown at the University Film Association National Conference, Austin Texas and the NYU Experimental Film Workshop. The film was also screened at several other film festivals including Sinking Creek, and Ann Arbor.

"Another entirely structural film is Grain Graphics, which begins with two frames of a film strip, on above the other, occupying the middle of the screen, flanked by two vertical filmstrips with smaller frames. In grainy negative, a small number of figures interact in various ways in each of the frames. Gradually, as if the camera were drawing away, this pattern grows smaller and its units increase correspondingly in number, until at the end there appear to be hundreds of rectangles, all with figures busy in motion.
- Written by Edgar Daniels


Grain Graphics is Archived by Academy of Motion Picture Sciences 

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