2022 | France | Documentary,Short


  • English 8 mins
  • Director | Nona Griffin
  • Writer | Nona Griffin
  • Producer | Nona Griffin

This film is currently not available.   

Germano paints a portrait of a scientist. The film features Dr. Germano Cecere, a geneticist from Italy who runs a lab at The Institut Pasteur in Paris. He researches how we inherit lived experiences, or epigenetics, and is rethinking theories of inheritance. Yet, the film does not solely revolve around his research. Germano, as he prefers to be called, loves to play the drums, spend time with artists, and philosophize about life. The film takes us on a journey both inside and outside of the lab, allowing us to get an intimate look into his world and thereby gain a deeper understanding of what is means to be a scientist.

Epigenetics genetics biology nature memory body