2015 | USA | Fiction

Future Relic 03

  • English 16 mins
  • Director | Daniel Arsham
  • Writer | Daniel Arsham, Timothy Stanley
  • Producer | Courtney Andrialis, Jane Rosenthal, Miranda Hill, Nadia Tahoun

This film is currently not available.   

FUTURE RELIC 03 is the third vignette of Daniel Arsham’s FUTURE RELIC series. The moon has been excavated for thirty years now, and its specter lingers in the sky. Dawn is breaking as Lona Rey approaches her father’s laboratory by boat. She walks to a nearby water tower that is outfitted with a strange lock and lets herself in, walking through the laboratory’s empty hallways, looking for signs of life. In a large atrium she arrives at her father’s statuary memorial, the pedestal of which is inscribed with the now ironic epithet “The Savior of Mankind,” and is overtaken by memories. An ambiguous look at a possible future where our dreams of progress may have lead us astray.

Memory Time Travel Moon Dawn